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A levels and international relations

So next year I’m starting my A levels and I chose art, sociology and philosophy. I still don’t know if I want to study interior design ( that’s why I chose art ) or international relations ( that’s why I chose sociology ) but I’m really passionate about philosophy but if in the future I want to study international relations should I change philosophy for politics ? Is my a level combination good ? I just don’t know if me not studying politics even though my school offers it will impact if I can study international relations or not
Nearly no universities require you to study politics as it is not widely available.
I am off to study politics and international relations this September and study Politics, Economics and History at A Level, this combination work really well and I thoroughly recommend all, I have a friend doing Politics and IR as well and she studies sociology so it is definitely compatible.
Philosophy will work really well, especially if you are interested in it, if I did a 4th A level it would have been that
In reality what you study at university will be relatively different to what you study at A level, its more important to choose subjects you are interested in and believe you can do well in
I would recommend sticking with your combination, and if you are still not sure check some uni websites, on their entry requirements they will have A Levels they value

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