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Hi! I need some help with 9 and 12 markers. I understand Business, I am good at it, and I'm predicted and 8 but I have my mocks coming up in June and I'm not really good essay type writing, as seen in my english grade.

We do PACs for 3 markers. Point, As a result and Consequently. My problem is that I have the right idea, I'm just not wording it correctly.
dude I have the exact same issue but my teacher helped with that
so I'm not sure how you do 3 markers but we do it as BLT
(this)Leads to.....
ya I know your not wanting 3 markers but for a 9 marker your likely to pick the best option for a business out of two options.

Now I want you to think about the question and then look at the options there both right but I prefer picking the one that has the most to talk about. after picking one you start like this:
Option 1 is the best option for (business name) BECAUSE..................THIS LEADS TO............THEREFORE...........

Option 1 may NOT be the best option for (business name) BECAUSE...........THIS LEADS TO........THEREFORE..........

(For the conclusion we use something called AIM)
Answer the question
Most important factor
It depends on
(try your best not to repeat points you have already written)
A: in conclusion, option is the best/worse option for (business name)
I: but it depends on..........
M: most importantly is if............

i hope this helps sorry if its too long
make sure you include the case study as much as you can it will ensure you get the most marks out of the question
try and do a 9 marker using this method and ask your teacher to mark it to ensure your doing it 100% right
tell me if you want a 12 marker explanation( I will try my best since I'm in the middle of gcses)

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