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confused at what to answer for parental situation questions!

Hi, I am a bit stuck on one of two questions for my sfe application.
question 1 is "have you supported yourself financially for a total of 3 years or more before the start of the first academic year of your course?"
question 2 is "do you live with your parents?"
while they seem easy enough to answer, I feel my situation is unique, I have (since 2021) supported myself financially through my undergrad student loan, bursaries and then within the last year I have got a job and use my wages for rent and bills etc, HOWEVER: my parents occasionally have sent me money for birthdays and other occasions, so I am not sure, as obviously this would come up in bank statements etc so I dont want to jeopardise my finance by answering incorrectly
also, in response to q2, I live full time in a house alone, without my parents and have done since 2021
My issue is that sfe automatically assume i am an estranged or independent student, which I am not and I do not want to accidentally take that opportunity from someone else, I do speak to my parents and see them every few months, they just do not financially support me in any way when it comes to my living
I hope someone can help and that this makes sense, I know it is a stupid question I just don't want to get it wrong and get less than I am entitled to!
Hi there. Can you please confirm what Academic Year this is for and what year of the course you are currently on? What year did you course begin? Thanks, Leah.
Thank you. If you are under 25 and want to apply for the self-support to be classed as an independent student, you would need to be supporting yourself financially for 3 years prior to the start of the Academic Year. We wouldn't class student finance as eligible income for this. The three years can include periods when you were;

in paid employment

in receipt of state benefits such as: Income Support, Job Seekers Allowance, incapacity benefits, invalidity pension or maternity allowance, PIP or DLA. (this is not a exhaustive list)

The reason it's classing you as independent would be because you have ticked 'yes' to the self support question.

Thanks, Leah.
Original post by hden7554
Would you also suggest I answer 'yes' to 'do you live with your parents?', I live by myself in my own flat full time (and have for almost 4 years) so obviously I dont live with parents but again I am not estranged from them

It should not automatically put you as estranged if you indicate you don't live with them. Are you sure the question isn't asking if you have contact with them? As this would be different. Thanks, Leah.

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