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Okay guys so I want to ask a serious question basically I did barely nothing in my 2 years of a levels I need BBC for uni am predicted BBB and I do psychology ( edexcel ) chem ( AQA) Bio(AQA) so psych I am almost done with hopefully I got a C I was working at a D previously but I feel grade boundaries are low so maybe even B last paper on 3rd June but I am stuck on chem because that’s the a level I have been working on through out the whole 2 years I understand everything I am not sure why I am still at a D despite all this help ! Also bio I am at C rn any advice on improving my exam technique the content is easy to learn but exam technique is ******* me up and the essay wtf any tips on the essay ! Thanks you very much everyone and good luck to fellow a level students and any other students
literally same

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