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Student finance asking for more evidence

Good morning
Yesterday I received an email from student finance requesting more evidence to prove my time abroad was temporary.
They have asked for the following;

A detailed list of my return trips to the UK along with flight tickets.
Confirmation of properties owned in the UK.

Firstly, while I can provide the first piece of evidence, some of my tickets were paper and not digital, thus I can't provide every ticket, would booking confirmations and credit card statements suffice? (some purchases were made in my partners name and not my own, so their name would be on the credit card statement)

So I guess my next question is this, is this normal evidence required and necessary to determine maintenance amount when I'm a mature student who moved alone?

Secondly, I previously sent a fair amount of evidence that I believe was more than adequate to determine me temporarily absent, this was also the specific evidence student finance requested in their initial email, it included;

1 year contracts showing my rolling contract
A cover letter explaining my situation
A letter from my employer (both in the original language and a copy translated by my supervisor) detailing the temporary nature of my job and that my contracts aren't automatically renewed each year, as well as the programme I'm employed through being capped at 3 years
A copy of a letter from my UK bank with a UK address.
Print outs of the flight bookings for my return trips
A photocopy of my three year visa
A photocopy of my ID card.

I'm wondering if this evidence has been rejected since they're asking for more.
And if so I would like to know the reasons why it has been rejected since it is highly relevant and was specifically requested

Additionally the wording of the email is a little strange.
Firstly, when requesting details of trips I have made back to the UK it says
"Have regular visits been made to the UK during their absence not just for the purposes of holidays and visiting relatives?"
I have made several trips to the UK to visit friends and my immediate family, other than business I can't imagine any other purpose, not to mention as I do work abroad in a country a good distance away, I don't have the time or finances to travel constantly.
Secondly, when asking for confirmation of any properties my family own within the UK, it says this
"Has anybody has lived at (property address if known in UK)whilst your family have been outside of the UK? Is this property for family use or rented out to tenants"
Which has confused me a little as at no point in my application did I mention moving with family, and I have applied as a mature student. I also don't understand the relevance of my family owning a property in the UK towards my application.
Either way, my family do not own any properties, they rent.

I get the impression there has been some sort of mistake, as both of these read as if they're for someone who moved abroad with their parents because their parents worked abroad, rather than someone like myself who worked temporarily abroad for 2 years on rolling contracts.

This has made me quite anxious as I feel the evidence I previously provided should determine me as temporarily absent and qualify me for financing.

If anyone at student finance could respond with help I would really appreciate it.

EDIT: I called and after some discussion I was informed these requests are for determining the amount of maintenance loan I will receive and that I've already been approved for finance and deemed temporarily absent, this was stated very clearly to me, so I assume it's true.
I'm still a little confused as I never mentioned my family and I'm a mature student, not to mention my partner had already submitted sponsorship details as I will be living with them.
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Hi there. We can only help with general non-account specific queries here. To get help with this, your best option would be to contact us directly. The temporary break evidence is not specifically for the Maintenance Loan, it's to determine if you are eligible to apply for the funding as a whole. Thanks, Leah.

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