leeds vs. royal holloway for insurance

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i have accepted manchester as my firm for history, with their offer of A(hist)AB.
leeds and royal holloway have both offered BBB. i'm not entirely sure which one to go for though. which one has a better reputation? i know this shouldnt be a deciding factor, we've all heard it all before, but lets face it, it is. for those who go to these unis..what are they like in terms of nightlife? ive visited leeds, but not royal holloway.
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I say Royal Holloway - it's the equal of Leeds academically, and on top of that has the advantage of being part of the prestigious University of London. I definitely suggest having a look round! The only drawback is that being in Egham, there isn't as much nightlife than if it was in a big city such as Leeds. The only club really close by is the Union - but having said that, London is only 30-40 minutes away by train, and NADS (the nightclub and drinking society) organises trips to clubs there and in towns such as Windsor/Staines. Join some clubs/societies and you won't have a problem with your social life. The Union at RHUL is particularly good, by the way, and has an award-winning radio station. The campus is mostly very beautiful (which is more than can be said for Leeds!), and includes the stunning Founder's Building. Oh yes, and there are plenty of Music groups of a high standard, if you're into that sort of thing (eg. I'm in the Symphony Orchestra, the Chamber Orchestra and the String Orchestra).

Apart from the slight lack of nightlife, the only other thing you really need to take into consideration is the fact that it's quite a small university, unlike Leeds, which I believe is the biggest university in the country.

I'm here in the second year at RHUL, and am having a great time!
an Siarach
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Leeds is a good university but id say Royal Holloway definately.
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