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Which university is a better choice? Bayes vs Warwick

Hi guys!

I am international student and considering where I should go to secure my career in London in financial field?

I got offers from Bayes Business School and Warwick Business School. The courses are the same with the MSc Accounting and Finance.

However, Bayes provides more financial related classes, while Warwick offers more accounting related ones. In this situation, the ranking of Warwick is higher than Bayes, but Bayes provides more financial classes and is located in London. Which university is better for me?

*If I cannot get a job after graduation, I will go back to my country!

Could you guys advise me? :smile:

Thank you in advance🤗
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Hey, I think generally Warwick Business School is seen as more ‘prestigious’ than Bayes Business School and hence if you graduate with a 2:1 your chances of employability are fairly high. Likewise with Bayes Business School they have a high employability rate and with it being in London it may be more of a reason to go there, if you’re certain on working in London that is. Overall I would choose Warwick, due to it being considered a ‘target’ university, but make sure during your time there you are making as much networking connections as possible and you are bound to have success in finding a job in the financial sector. Good Luck!

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