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Specsavers as medical work experience?

I'm in Year 11, and over the summer I plan to get some work experience done in a medical setting as I plan on taking medicine at university. Many universities have medical work experience on their application requirements. Would Specsavers work here? I'm also applying to GP surgeries, pharmacies and my city's hospital, but I know they can be tricky to get into, so I thought Specsavers may be easier to get into.

Also might be useful to note that I have no intention of going into optometry, ophthalmology, or anything like that, so it's not entirely relevant, But I'm just wondering if it'll be good enough as a backup.
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Sorry for repeat question. I posted this before my other, but it took a while to actually post. I thought it wasn't going to but nvm. Sorry.
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I would say this is relevant. The work of an optometrist is clinical, I imagine that there are some common lectures with medical students and I was referred to the optician recently by my GP for further assessment of an eye health problem. There’s also the audiology side of things. See if you can be sure of spending some time with clinical staff and learning something relevant, as opposed to helping at the front desk.

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