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Bath or Edinburgh -Modern Languages

Hi, I’m trying to pick between Bath and Edinburgh for modern languages (French and Spanish) and was wondering if anyone had any opinions on the universities in terms of the cities, courses and league tables? :smile: (I’ve received offers for both of them and have to decide in like 5 days)

beautiful place

everyone i know who's been to bath loves it there

everyone i know who's visited bath loved it there and applied

very good reputation in the uk (but international brand kind of lacking?)

language department and translation especially well known afaik


probs my fave city ever + well linked - direct trains to manchester, london, st andrews (well leuchars lol)

lots of green space and very walkable

very very good international brand

very very good uk brand - in the (admittedly rare) cases where employers take granular looks at prestige, edinburgh is top tier bar oxford and cambridge

great year abroad options + the four year standard degree means you won't be graduating a year after all ur friends

great catered first year accom (imo) - but expensive

scottish flexible course structure is a + for me

student satisfaction not great but i've heard good things about the language department

you get to live in edinburgh!!!!!!!!!!

i am the #1 edi fan so probs a bit biased and i don't know that much about bath but that's what i've gleaned from my own visits and talking to people

admittedly probably better to find stuff out from people who know more about bath than i do lol - but they're both great unis and you probably can't go wrong either way!!

i also haven't firmed and insured.. i'm doing ppe and firming oxford but deciding between edi and lse for insurance. i think i'll go with edi but looking at changing course to spanish and chinese or history and chinese if i go so maybe i'll see you around lol

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