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media studies a level OR economics a level

ive been thinking about what my a level options should be but i keep getting stuck on whether or not i should pick media studies or economics. im certain that i wna do business and maths but it's js my third option that im not so sure of.. any help would be appreciated
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I'd say economics as lots of unis see media studies as a "soft subject" (depends on what u want to do in the future and don't let that put u off it but maybe take it into consideration) so economics would defo be seen as a better option in my opinion and it compliments you're other chosen subjects nicely and involves a wide rang of useful skills, while media studies offers very specific skills in that general field and in general most uni courses wont require any media studies a-levels as its a wide topic range so enough can't be taught in just one a-level subject, however id also say choose whichever u think you would enjoy more as enjoying the subject will make it easier to get a good grade and there's not point doing a subject u hate and cant do well in! If u feel like you want a change from you're other 2 subjects then i think media studies would be a great different subject and change in pace compared to ur chosen ones or if you would prefer something down the same route as maths and business then id go for economics. Its totally okay as well not to have a clue about jobs or future careers yet but don't completely neglect that factor. Overall i would say go with what you would prefer to do as business will probably cover a lot of what economics will as well!! good luck hope this maybe helped
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Depends what your plans are about uni or careers, judging by maths and business I'd assume that econ might be more down your alley for the subjects you seem to be taking.

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