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Dilemma: Sports psych or multimedia sports journalism as a degree?

I'm struggling to pick between Sports Psychology and Sports Journalism - but I have to, soon, because I need to write a personal statement. (I take psych, media and english lit.)

Regarding Sports Psychology, I'd get a guaranteed accreditation for it, and I'd be able to move on to get masters & PhD's where I could potentially make a lot of money if I become a chartered sports psychologist after. I have a predicted A-A* in psychology as far as I'm aware, but I'm worried that it's so niche there won't be anyone looking for one, especially if it's a local team. Also you have to work tirelessly to build a reputation, and make yourself seen. I definitely have a huge interest in it, but I'm worried it wouldn't be stable enough/I wouldn't find work. I've taken part in every open evening helping in my psychology department, I'm writing my EPQ on sports psychology, and thinking of taking a MOOC on it for my personal statement.

For Sports Journalism - multimedia - I'm worried I might not be good enough for it, even though I love writing, taking photos and obsessing over my favourite sports, just because I'm quite shy. However, I do have much more experience in it. I run a TikTok account with over 200k views and 100k+ likes just posting about hockey as a hobby, as well as being a (paid) Senior Student Content Creator for my college. I also have an instagram account with 1300+ followers posting about books, another hobby. I had also figure skated competitively for 7+ years before quitting due to illness/so I could focus on my studies.

What I'm most worried about is just not being good enough/not getting enough money out of it. (I know the sports industry is very male dominated, maybe that's why I feel I won't be good enough, i'm not sure.)

My biggest dream for the future is to work with an NHL hockey team (in America, though I know I'd have to work my way up from teams of different sports in the UK.)

Does anyone have any advice/opinions on how I can choose between the two? Thank you <3
It’s a brutal thing to say, but you’re very unlikely (not impossible though) to achieve the end goal. What’s more likely is you spend 3 years doing the degree and get into £60k+ debt and someone with 3 years of experience will already be more employable.

Uni is an amazing experience, but only if you have a guaranteed job at end of it (law, medicine, engineering, accountancy etc) or have no money worries. I know it’s not what you want to hear but think realistically

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