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Car question - v5c

I bought a used car this day last week.
I haven't got a full V5C yet.
I've got the new keeper slip and the 3rd, 4th, and 5th sections.

The registered keeper is not the dealer but the person who they bought it off?

The dealer says this is because as a dealership he filled in the yellow section for trade, that's why he won't show as the RK.

Is it worth doing a V62? I think i have a parking ticket so itr will go to either the dealer or the previous owner. i taxed the car the day i bought it using the reference number
It will take up to a month for the v5c to arrive as it can slow. They will send it in the post with any other problems that need to be resolved with a letter. The letter has to go back with what they send. If there are no problems, then it will be just the v5c form.

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