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Deferred entry then reapply to Vet med

Hello I received three offers for uni vet related courses (bioscience, nursing) for this year but I was planning on deferring entry into these courses so if I end up not getting the required grades/work experience for October 2024 (2025 entry) applications for when I apply to vet med/another course then I could have my current offers as backups for 2025 entry.

The deadline for choosing my offers is 6th of June and i'm unsure of how to go about deferring entries, I haven't even accepted any offers yet so I'm unsure if I should get the entry deferral done before or after choosing the offers.

Another thing is would I get looked down on/rejected in october applications because two of my current offers are in two of the same uni's I'm planning on applying in vet med for?

I really do want to reapply in October/January and I understand that in october I would have to reject my current offers.
You cannot 'hold-over' multiple offers to next year. You would have to make a Firm and Insurance choice like everyone else. You can ask for a deferral now, or you can wait to Results Day but Unis are more likely to agree the earlier you ask. After Results Day, if you then have a confirmed place, that is the only course/Uni you could take through to 2025 entry

You also cannot then hold this as a deferred place AND reapply next year.
You would have to give up (decline) any definite place before you reapplied.
You could reapply next year to the courses where you had offers this year but there is no guarantee that you would et repeat offers.

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