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help for alevel choices!!!

i need advice, like badly. im doing bio (cie), chem (ocr) and maths (ocr) for alevel and have to choose one more to drop in year 13 and im gonna choose between english lit, history and pre (all are ocr). i love all of these subjects but i'm having some trouble choosing only one. i haven't done history since year 9 but i was getting 7's before i dropped it, and in english and rs i get 9's. i want to become a doctor in the future and study in america so i'm thinking this humanity would be better if it was facilitating so it makes me appeal more but at the same time it should be something i enjoy, please help!

rs: not facilitating, really enjoy and 9's (also my school has a good department)
english: 9's, facilitating and i like it, but i like reading but i get overwhelmed if i have too much, but i enjoy making up interpretations.
history: i enjoy it, ivies like it, facilitating but i haven't done it for GCSE
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tbh you're already picking extremely content heavy subjects and if ur planning on dropping it anyway i really dont think it would be worth your time, time that you could spend perfecting in you're main 3. Unis will never ask for more than 3 subjects! and 2 of you're 4th choice options are also very very content heavy I just dont think its worth it, but if u really really want to and feel like doing an as in one for the hell of it id say english will benefit you the most as most rs and history courses wont even ask for the subject as they're so wide in content and cant all be taught in one a level, while english brings skills that can be used across the board and will be needed say if u wanna do an english related study here or america, but if u get overwhelmed english a-level is like 10x the amount of content as gcse. take at ur own risk a 4th but i really would say u dont need to and dont feel the pressure of having to as unis dont acutally care. good luck picking this isnt to put u off any just maybe take it into consideration :>
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