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Business Bank at 15

Hi, I am helping my friend set up her own business. She is 15 years old. I am wondering if there are any banks that allow 15 year olds to set up their own business bank account? She is starting her own fashion business and will want her sales to go into that account as well as expenses (such as stock, advertising etc). I know Barclays offer this for 16 years old but not sure about opening a business account for 15 year olds. Thanks!
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hiii. unfortunately there isn’t much she can but ask her parents to open up for her or wait until she’s 16. similarly if she does have a personal account, she can put her expenses in there for now until she’s 16 and then open a business bank.
feel free to ask me any more questions as i did struggle with opening up my business at 14 so i know a few tips and tricks!

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