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Zoology / marine biology + zoology Bangor uni

I have applied to study marine biology and zoology at Bangor, when looking at modules I noticed that there is no ship module (like there is in straight mbio) also the only field work/trip are in the third year one aboard to the US and one local. Anyone who studied either of these degrees or knows about them, how much field work did you do in y1/y2? did you use the boat? Is the us trip the only opportunity abroad?

I then started considering just straight zoology as there is a larger field course module in both y1/y2 however in y2 I can chose an abroad trip and/or field work locally.
I cant figure out if the local fieldwork is compulsory or not ?
Is zoology more practical based than mbio in straying to get the impression mbio is more lab than field?
I appreciate any help

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