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NEA A level english language CLD

We just started our NEA, i wanted to do mine on child language development but idk how to start anyone have any ideas or examples they could share.
Are you wanting theorists to look into to support your NEA? If so can I recommend Noam Chomsky (he looked into a child's innate ability to learn language and came up with LAD - a Language Acquisition Device), Vygotsky with his MKOs and Zone of Proximal Development, B.F. Skinner (1957), Bruner (he looked into the significance of adults in a child's development of language with them scaffolding their speech). I also recommend looking into Lenneburg with his Critical Period Hypothesis.

For a case study, I recommend looking into Genie (1957) as her case explored the importance of Lenneburg's Critical Period Hypothesis and its quite easy to link several different theorists to her case. Good luck on your NEA!

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