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Loughborough Sports Management Entry Requirements

HI, I would like to study in Loughborough for sports management, and currently I have gotten the predicted score of 5 for Sports science, 5 for English and a 4 for Psychology. My overall grade is 35 including 3 points. Will there be any possibility for me to get in? If no, Could you please recommend any other school that I would be able to get in? Also, will it be possible for me to submit my final grades if they are extra good and let loughborough reconsider my application?
The IB requirements for this course are - 35 points (6,6,5 HL).
Your predicted grades are well below this, and therefore applying is risky - a) because they could just say No, and b) even if you do get an offer, you still have to get the required grades next July.

One risky choice is okay - it can be an incentive to work harder - but you need to make your other choices more realistic, with 2 or 3 at your predicted grades, and at least 1 choice well below.

Loughborough is a top Uni for Sports subjects (Bath is the other one) - and therefore their sport courses will not be in Clearing for late-pick-up by those with achieved grades.

Realistic Unis to look at are Portsmouth, Brighton, Chichester, Roehampton, and possibly Exeter and Birmingham.

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