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NCS trip - what’s it like?

Hi so i signed up for an NCS live it trip for this summer and idk if it was a good idea or not. i’ve seen so many mixed reviews so can someone that’s been tell me what it’s actually like? for context, i’m in year 12 and going with one close friend. (also any advice for it would be greatly appreciated) :smile:)))
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NCS is the best thing ever to happen to me. It is so amazing for the 50 pounds i paid and i was with my friends. The cabins and tents are equally amazing and the activities are so fun. It just total vibes and u get to meet so many new people who dont judge you so theress no need to be embarassed or nervous. I would do NCS every year if i could. The instructors are so funny and kind. U have like campfires and a silent disco on the last day. I went with one of my csf too and we just made even more new friends. U also get merch so its a win win

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