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What can I do to help get into American Uni from UK?

I was wondering if anyone could offer me some advice into getting into American Unis, hopefully the prestigious ones like HYPSM but I don't have much of a preference, for Physics.

I'm pretty confident with the SAT, taking it in October although any advice would be appreciated.

I am starting my A-Levels this year:
Math, FM, CS, Physics and an EPQ.

Extra Curricular currently:
I play American Football.
Student Pilot (should have a PPL by the time I apply).
I play Guitar (I take lessons but don't have a certificate / qualification).
Astronomy / Astrophotography (telescope shenanigans).
Building RC Planes from scratch.

If I have weak GCSEs will that hurt my application that much? I'm confident that I will get a 9 in Physics and Maths as those are more strong subjects but more like a 5-7 in English lit, lang, bio and chem.

The college I'm going to is supposed to be really good with ECs and competitions / Olympiad type things so hopefully that will help.

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does your school/college have a careers team
if so talk to them I think

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