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would i struggle to get into uni for music

when i look into it i think most universities want grade 8 levels of playing. i am working on grade 7 piano, and hope i can finish it before my application is due, but if i dont the last qualification i'd have is grade 5 distinction.
would i still have a chance? thanks
hey there. i didn’t apply for music but i was about to for conservatoires. if you mean conservatoires, this is largely focused on performance (and composition etc.) and less on the essays and that sort of stuff. conservatoires tend to be extremely competitive so you’re looking at about a grade 8 and preferably a distinction, or diploma 🙂 Again, you don’t NEED to have done the exam but your playing should be at this standard at minimum (it’s tough i know). i achieved a 142/150 for my grade 8 but i still felt that i had just scraped the standard of conservatoires such as royal college of music and royal academy. this is not to be said to put you off - just to give you a realistic perspective, which you can definitely work towards if you have the time from now until auditions :smile:

regardless: well done on your grade 5 distinction - this is really great 🙂
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There are lots of universities where you don't need to be Grade 8 standard (note I say standard you do not need the exam unless you haven't got music A level/btec and they ask for music grades in lieu of that qualification.

Conservatoire is different and at most of them you do need to be minimum Grade 8 standard.

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