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Microsoft VS Accenture

I'm currently a Y13 student who is deciding on what Degree Apprentice to choose.
I was hoping to go into a Career in Tech Sales and I've been so lucky to have the opportunity to choose between the Microsoft and Accenture degree apprenticeship
They both offer a Degree in Digitial and Technical solutions, the salaries are slightly different however salary is not important to me
What I'm struggling with is Environment vs Prestige.
I understand that both Microsoft and Accenture are fantastic companies however after visiting the Accenture office the environment was amazing, there was such a friendly atmosphere and I could see myself there for the long term as well as this I have a few friends who are choosing Accenture to do the apprenticeship.
As for Microsoft the company is amazing however the cohort is a lot smaller and after visiting and meeting the other apprentices who were lovely, it seemed that the environment was not as great as Accenture and working there would actually feel like I'm going to a job, but the programme seemed better suited to a career in Tech sales as our specialism is open.
For context I am somebody who enjoys the company of others, I'm quite personable and enjoy making friends!
And so the dilemma here is I'm not sure whether to choose Microsoft for the "stamp" on the CV despite potentially not enjoying my time there or to go for Accenture where the chances of having a better experience are not 100% guaranteed but more likely.
I do understand that I'm going to be working and work does not necessarily have to be fun, but considering i will not be able to get the "full" uni experience I wanted to be able to enjoy my experience whilst I'm still young.
All opinions are welcomed!
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let me assure you that whichever program you choose, you will end up feeling as though you're going into your job everyday and accenture is not a place reviewed for being sunshine and rainbows

i'd also encourage you not to follow your friends. good friends will always be your friends, you'll make work friends pretty much wherever, and if you base your decision too heavily on a social aspect you can get outside of work you will probably regret it

my guess is that selling tech is better in an actual tech company. i imagine microsoft has better tech to actually sell and better work life balance than a consulting firm

career-wise microsoft likely wins if you want to stay in the tech industry, but that's not a deal breaker. additionally, don't feel like microsoft's reputation should heavily influence your decision either. if you can convincingly explain to yourself why accenture is better for you right now, you should go with that

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