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I recently left my collage because they wasn’t really helping me with anything

i’m currently working a job but as september comes, my mum is telling me that if the council sees that i’m not in education, and working a job , she will have to pay for rent

She currently cannot work due to disability & they’ve been covering her rent for her.

So long story short, she says i have to be in some type of education, and it’s going to be hard for her if not,

Do you guys have any advice to help? is there anything i can do education related to prevent any issues ?
If not now, then soon, she is always going to have a reduction in her benefits when you are not classed as a dependant.

There is always a withdrawal in benefits where the ex child/new adult is expected to contribute towards the household expenses.

Use a benefit calculator to model the 2 scenarios (you in or out of education) to get an idea of the changes.

Can you cover this loss or most of it through paying for your keep from your job?

She might be eligible for discretionary housing payment (see the local council website) but may not get it and will only get it temporarily.

You could get an appointment with the Citizens Advice Bureau for a benefit check and a list of resources for hardship.
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thanks for your help, didn’t have no one to talk to, i’ll check them out

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