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Last minute tips for A level maths

I normally do bad on my stats paper but yesterday felt like the worst I've ever done, so many easy things flew past my head and im really beat up about it. I decided to move on and lock in for the mechanics paper as I normally do better on that one. Are there any last minute tips you have for revision?
hey!! we have a week until stats/mechanics so u can def improve in that time!! i taught myself the whole of stats in 2 days and at that point could get like 90% in practice papers (I've forgotten a lot now but that's not the point LOL). I'd recommend Zeeshan's videos on stats and theres a playlist that covers all of stats!! watch his videos and then attempt the questions he shows yourself before watching how he did them. If u work through the entire playlist you'll find stats really easy - questions are generally always asked in similar ways I've found. Also i'd say mainly focus on normal distribution/correlation and hypothesis testing as these come up almost every year !! Goodluck :smile:

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