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Aqa or Edexcel A level maths

There are 2 colleges in an deciding between and I was wondering which is the better maths exam board to do
i do aqa and i'm doing my alevels rn
they have almost identical pure maths specs, the mechanics for aqa is arguably easier because it doesn't have moments on an incline (which i personally thank god for every day) but some of the stats content is a bit trickier
every maths exam is part application, part content knowledge, edexcel is far more application based and aqa is more content based. so with edexcel you have to be able to apply the basic knowledge to unfamiliar questions which can be tricky, but with aqa you have to be able to recall really niche bits of content that's maybe been mentioned twice in class
edexcel is said to be in general the easier exam board, and so far this year paper one of aqa was fairly simple but paper two was impossible, and for edexcel i've heard it was the other way round
edexcel exams are paper one and paper two are both pure maths papers and paper three is applied maths (stats and mechs)
but for aqa it's paper one pure, paper two pure and mechs, and paper three pure and stats
i personally think the way the edexcel papers are makes them easier because you can concentrate fully on pure for the first two papers then only have to have mechs and stats knowledge for paper three, but for aqa you need to know pure for all three, on top of applied for the last two
i've found doing practice papers that the edexcel questions are generally more broken down into parts, so maybe it would be easier to pick up some marks if you don't know all? but that's neither here nor there
either way do NOT go to a college that does ocr
and honestly if you aren't at a seven at least at gcse maths with be very difficult, i got an 8 and got a d in my mock (though i'm hopeful i've pulled it up to an a). if you don't need maths for the degree or unis you have in mind and it doesn't relate to the rest of your subjects, i wouldn't take it

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