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Extened Project Qualification - Psychology: Sensory Neuroplasticity

Hello, I'm a year 12 student currently doing research on my EPQ topic. I've been told by lots of people that it's smart to choose a topic that my future university offer as a module. This can be advantageous as I'll already be a step ahead. My first question .... is this the right thing to do if not, why.. if so why??

Also I'm very interested in the workings of sensory neuroplasticity, i was wondering if people think that this is a good topic to go ahead with. And just in general any tips you could give provide to aid me for my EPQ journey.
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Just do what you are interested in !! It's always good to read around your subject so it will be helpful to write about in your personal statement if nothing else.
Keep on top of updating your deadline table. Dont be too worried about completing things on time but just make sure to write in when you have completed deadlines, much easier in the long run
Failure is a chance for marks. Didnt complete a deadline? Write about why in the log and get urself easy marks
Sites for research: JSTOR, ScienceDirect, Pubmed, Internet Archive which i used to get the DSM-V and Eugene Blueler's research on autism
Mentioning historical/ older research is always useful to show progression and how ideas have developed and changed if that makes sense
Word count can be 500 words over or under
quality of the essay does not have to be the best as its not the only thing ur getting marked on
EPQ is totally worth it as unis offer lower grades if you do well in it and also the ucas points too. Good luck and have fun if you choose to do it :smile:

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