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History / politics to law path

About to start a degree in history / politics & International Relations at either KCL or York this September and just curious about what apprenticeship opportunities there may be for a conversion into law after my degree?

Particularly fond of International Law but not so sure about the job prospects.
The usual route after taking a non-law degree would be to obtain a GDL, which takes one year, and then take either the SQE or the Bar course, seeking a training contract (solicitor) or a pupillage (barrister). An apprenticeship would last six years and is aimed at school leavers.

If seeking to practise international law, you might benefit from an LLM in international law, as the only form of international law studied in a GDL is EU law.
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PS: Do you mean public international law or private international law? The former concerns the relationships between States. The second concerns legal matters involving private parties (or one State, one private) and two or more different legal systems.

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