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Do teachers of "Micky Mouse" courses feel guilty?

A Mick Mouse course has left me in dire straits financially. I'm just wondering do you think these teachers feel any sense of guilt?
Probably not. I reckon that they probably think that they are teaching students about something they are passionate about and that the skills would help them in their chosen career maybe. Could I ask what degree you got that you think is a Micky Mouse degree?
What one person views as a Mickey Mouse course, another views as their passion.

I studied Child Development in uni which many used to laugh at and view as a Mickey Mouse course until recently when more and more people have started gaining more respect for Childcare only because the need for it is increasing. 😂 Because of the stigma, I moved into Data Analysis as my career choice, but my greatest passion and my heart is in working with kids. The best time of my life was when I was in Youth Work, and I'm only in data because I'm pregnant and want to be pregnant and raise my own babies in peace working from home.

The definition of a Mickey Mouse course is a course that's "considered worthless or irrelevant", and if we're being honest, most degrees do end up being exactly that when people move into careers that have nothing to do with their degrees.
I don’t really think they feel anything. It’s up to the student what they do next. Eg. Lots of COMPSCI students struggle to find work and have their student loan hanging over them. But it doesn’t get the silly “mickey mouse” label. Likewise there’s a golf management degree that’s been running for years. It must be working for someone.

My own degree isn’t related to my field of work. It doesn’t exist anymore but I don’t begrudge anyone who delivered it or regret my decision to take it. Everyone involved made their decisions based on the info available the time.

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