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sponsor 1 and 2 details

Hi I'm applying for the basic rate of maintenance loan and full tuition loan but on my actions to complete its asking for sponsor 1 and 2 details?? from my understanding my household income doesn't need to be looked at if I'm taking out the basic rate of maintenance. I asked the person on the live chat a bit more than a week ago and he said to write a letter to sfe asking for them to remove the sponsor 1 and 2 details and upload it to my supporting evidence, I've done that and there's still no change to my application. should i call them or just wait it out?
Hi there,

If you only uploaded a cover letter a week ago to say you only wanted the basic amount for Maintenance Loan it will not have been processed yet. It is taking approximately 19 working days to process evidence just now and you will need to allow more time.

Thanks, Drew

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