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Should I inform GMC

Back around 2018/2019 (in year 2 of medicine) I was at a festival with a previous friend group now, and dabbled in some pills one of the days (not sure what, I think MD), which was found on myself by a security guard. I got a telling off and was handed a letter, which I'm unsure if it was a penalty notice for disorder as I didn't have to pay a fine nor was it in DBS check.

Prior to this, I had dabbled in cannabis as a teenager, but again it was typically because I hung around with a certain friend group. My university are aware of all this, the festival and my history as a teen.

Fast forward to now I am almost finished my final year of medicine (took some interruptions; personal reasons) and am due to begin FY1 in a couple months.

I passed my enhanced DBS check just fine, all clear, but I can't stop thinking that the festival situation should have been passed on to the GMC, to keep myself right and be upfront and truthful, even if a background checked has been fine.

The festival/cannabis thing genuinely slipped my mind, I was a different person then, entirely different friend group, it was pre covid which itself feels like such a long time ago. I just wanted to erase it from my memory and focus on medicine and making improvements.

I'm hoping anyone can offer any words of advice, what I should do, or words of ease if they have experienced something similar or have recommendations.

Should I have mentioned this to the GMC earlier? As I was in contact with my university about it, I thought I was doing all that was required.
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there is no point u bringing it up
if ur dbs check is clean
also it will affect they way u are treated by teachers and students
so its better to keep vote until its asked about
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I would let it lie. It’s in the past and the DBS check is fine
DBS is clean. Don’t worry most likely you’ll be fine. If you’re really worried I’d seek advice from the BMA would be the best thing to do.

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