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Finance or computer science?

Hi, I’m almost at the end of y12 and I’m currently doing A-level maths, chemistry, computer science and EPQ. I really enjoy studying computer science especially the coding aspect but I’m not sure if I should do it at university. I have always liked finance and want to get into finance after university but I haven’t studied finance at all. I feel like I should study computer science at university (might be easier as I have been doing computer science for a while) then get a career in finance as I read somewhere that u can get into finance with a computer science degree (not 100% sure). I’m stuck on which one to choose.
Hi @Hash7701.

Yes, having a compouter science degree can open up opportunities for you in the finance industry. Many financial institutions rely on technology to analyze data and other procedures. You can always supplement your computer science knowledge with some finance-related courses.

Our university also offers some very good quality MSc computer science courses, but even MSc Finance courses, I can give you more information if you are interested.

Hope this helps :smile:

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