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Aussie uni starts in July but only predicted scores available - what do people do

If I'd like to start going to an Australian uni in July, what are my options?

My school offers IB, A-level, or AP (It's a big international school).

If I choose IB: only predicted scores (IB or A-level) are available before semester 2 starts in July. Results day in early July, so Aussie uni is basically starting. Too late to get your visa etc. sorted out.

If I choose A-level: only predicted scores available. Results day in mid Aug, so Aussie uni has already started.

If I choose AP, there is no predicted score. The only available thing is a class grade at the end of May. And then the actual AP results come out in mid-July, so same issue.

Do students from northern hemisphere just wait until the actual results come out no matter which system they choose (IB, A-level, AP) and choose Feb intake??? That's like a 6-month gap year I guess.

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