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Transitioning to Neuropsychology

For the people from engineering background and few years of experience in the same transitioning to Psychology field in UK , are there any exams affiliated with BPS that would help to cover your pre requisite knowledge and with the admission process?
What are you wanting to do in neuropsychology? To become a clinical neuropsychologist is a very long process


Accredited undergraduate degree or conversion course


Work experience


Doctorate in clinical, educational or counselling psychology


Masters (or passing the academic elements)


Supervised practice


Apply to show you meet the requirements

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Thanks for the response.

I do have one more query , i am looking for the online Psychology conversion course and was going through the universities.

University of liverpool , arden university, glasgow seems few best options . Can you please help me what pointers should we consider ? and are there any other universities which are better than stated above ?
I'm afraid I don't know about the best options for conversion courses. You may be better off making a separate thread asking for opinions

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