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Need some advice and on which university to apply to

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Original post by Simeon12
I’m a 22-year-old mature student aiming to get into Oxford, Cambridge, or UCL. I’m seeking advice on which university I might have a better chance of receiving an offer from based on my academic background.
Here’s a bit of my story: I moved to the UK at the age of 13 without any knowledge of English. Due to the language barrier, I couldn’t pass my GCSEs. I then enrolled in a BTEC course in college but dropped out after a year as it wasn’t the right fit for me. After a few years of working various jobs, I decided to pursue higher education. I studied independently and took my A-levels and GCSEs at a private exam center.
These are the grades I achieved:
A-levels: Maths: A*, Further Maths: A, Computer Science: A*
GCSEs: Maths: 6, English Language: 7 (Note: I completed my GCSEs before my A-levels)
I only have two GCSEs, which I assume might affect my chances of getting into a top university. Additionally, I’m curious about whether being self-taught will impact how universities view my application and if it will decrease my chances of receiving an offer.

statistically you are most likely to get into UCL, this depends on the course. You can always apply to UCL and one of the two Oxbridge's. You can definitely apply to KCL as well for example. You need to check the GSCE requirements for the courses as they are quite picky on this as they want a strong academic history. You have received high grades in very respectable A Levels so well done, plus the hard work after the college and not giving up. You are also at a stronger position because you do not have predicted grades. Make sure your personal statement is good as well. So I would say you can get into oxbridge if you meet all the requirements, I don't know what they are I'm assuming you have checked. This depends though you have to be vary I suppose it is always a risk that we take but they might consider accepting those with grade 9s first. But, again you already have your grades compared to the year 13s with their predicted grades. Try and never give up!
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Thank you very much and I also forgot to mention that i wanted to do a Computer science course.
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