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Uploaded a PFF2 but still says awaiting details

I would like some help as I have uploaded my PFF2 document a while ago by my account on SFE still says it's awaiting sponsor details. I have also received an email today to ask for my parents details again
" In order for your application to be income assessed; we require your
sponsors to provide their financial information for the 2022/23 tax year.
We have received a form for the 2023/24 academic year/2021/22 tax year. "

I only filled in the PFF2 form as the awful website would not connect my account and my parents through not fault of our own. This was the advise an officer gave us but I don't believe it was correct!

Please help as this is causing way more stress that necessary!!

I can confirm the PFF2 was uploaded 27 days ago
Hi there,

It is currently taking the PFF2 form approximately 38 working days to process from the date it is received. The system will send out automatic emails to say we are still waiting on sponsor support but this is just because it has not been processed yet.

Thanks, Drew

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