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'Application not submitted'

I made an application before for this year's 2024 entry, the only problem was the university I put in was different to the one I had firmed as I was waiting on my interview result, so I wanted to change the university after being sure I got in my firm uni.

My problem now is it deleted my previous application instead of allowing me to change that specific detail and now my current application (with my firm uni details) says 'Application not submitted'. I redid the process and it says I have completed all of my current actions.

Do I only wait for the application to go through? Or is it supposed to be in process? And would I have to send in my parents' details again?
Hi there,

So the original application says on your online account that it has been deleted and your new application says not submitted? Have you tried to clear your cache & cookies and delete your browser history? What type of device are you trying to log in with and could you try a different device? Sign in to your online account at Select ‘Start application’ and then this will show a list of incomplete applications. Select ‘Complete your application’ and this will then go to process for you in 6-8 weeks.

Thanks, Drew
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I have tried clearing my cache, cookies and browsing history and it didn't work. I used both my laptop and phone and it has the same problem. I don't know where the 'Start application' button is and I don't see it from the pages I'm being shown. In my current application, it says I have 'completed all of your current actions' but it still says I need to complete my application. I see no 'Complete your application' either.
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SS of SFE bugging 1.png
SS of SFE bugging 2.png

This is what it looks like on my screen
Hi there,

I would advise you to contact us so we can look into this for you. To access our live chat service select undergraduate and then ‘contact us’. From here you will be able to use our live chat service when it is available. Alternatively, you can contact us on 0300 100 0607 for further assistance. Our opening hours are stated on our ‘contact us’ page..

Thanks, Drew

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