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Sixth form

i was just wondering does it really matter what sixth form you go to?
I will be in year 12 this year and didn't get into my top choice because of my mock grades. The sixth form is really good especially for stem subjects like medicine/dentistry as it has a significant number of people who have been accepted into Oxbridge for medicine including KCL, Imperial ect. Plus there are great extracurriculars, clubs ect regarding med and dent. The sixth form i most likely will be attending is not as good but overall still great in terms of academics. Obviously i know i can't go back to January and change my mock results but i was just wondering does the sixth form i will go to actually matter or play a significant role in my a level/ucat/future uni applications?
I don’t think it matters that much. Universities will care more about your grades and personal statement and stuff rather than where you go for sixth form.

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