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Further Maths in a Gap Year

Hi everyone, I'm a year 12 taking maths, computer science and economics. I've come to realise this year that i enjoy maths more than i thought and i'd want to take it as a degree but my problem is that i dont have further maths. Ideally id like to take further maths in a gap year after year 13 because id rather not want to be behind at university. I was wondering how realistic itd be to take a level further maths in one year and complete it. Any thoughts would be great
I have done exactly what you are talking about, I am retaking Physics and did further maths only this year, I would highly recommend doing it since it was very fun and makes a level maths seem a cakewalk to be honest.
There is also the prospect of taking it going from year 12 to year 13 and learning the first year content over this summer. I would say talk to your head of sixth form or someone senior in the sixth form who you can trust to at least open the conversation so that if you choose to take it next academic year or the year after they know you and how good you are at maths. I found knowing one of the teachers well meant they trusted me to be able to complete it in one year.

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