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Recommendation for Private Accommodation Zones

I'm an international student coming to UCL for a year-long MSc program. I was offered a place with UCL at St Pancras, but the high rental cost and far location do not make sense. I'm pretty astonished by the rental prices of UCL Halls (so much higher than other UK cities T.T)
I begin flat hunt; I want to know which districts UCL students stay at. Will staying further from UCL affect my social/student life? Which regions will you all recommend looking at? My budget is up to 1100 per month, but keeping to the lower end is great! If you can provide the current rental cost for a comparison, that will be great too!
I have a friend's place near City Thameslink station that I could crash at, but it seems very far from UCL, and I am worried that it will affect my overall experience of the MSc, especially since I only have a year.

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