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Statistics paper 2

what topics will be on statistics paper 2

Comparing Data Sets

using an average, the spread and the skew

Peterson Capture Recapture Method

Stratified sampling

Planning for an investigation

how to control extraneous variables including using matched pairs

Histogram with unequal class intervals

Box and Whisker diagrams

Calculating Standard deviation, calculating skew, geometric mean

Scatter diagrams and correlation

(correlation not causation), PMCC, Equation of line

Spearman’s Rank Correlation Coefficient

Moving Averages (although time series and seasonal variation was in Paper 1)

Probability - evaluating risk and test for independent events

Index Numbers

Percentages within normal distribution

i think these ones, but this is just a good guess so they might not come up and other ones could come up
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Predicted paper if anyone wants it (I made it) has all the likely topics:
Q1 = Box and whiskers Diagrams
Q2 = Chloropleth Maps and Censuses
Q3 = Petersen capture recapture
Q4 = Extended response on investigation plans and improvements
Q5 = Comparing data sets and experiments + sampling key words
Q6 = Representing data and Risk
Q7 = Index numbers, chain index, crude rates of change, CPI and RPI, Examples of secondary data
Q8 = Venn diagrams and Conditional probability
Q9 = Stem and leaf diagrams, airthmetic mean, outliers (+calc), skew, evaluating different ways to represent data graphically
Q10 = Stratified sampling and Pilot studies
Q11 = All about normal distributions including comparisons and %
Q12 = All about correlation and regression including scatter plots, PMCC, averages and correlation calculations

Topics not on there but high probabiliyt (because I thought they couldn't be fitted onto the 80 marks as they were the easier stuff):
Geometric means
Skew calculations
Controlling extraneous variables
Standardized rates of change
Cleaning data

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