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I applied for my 3rd year of SF on the 6th of June and my parents haven't received an email, and when they select "support a student's application", mine is nowhere to be found. They keep getting emails saying I haven't applied but my application got approved? And now it's stuck on "confirming all details" on the tracker. Help!
Hi there. To support your application, they can do this from their online account, or fill in the PFF2 form and upload this online. To support online, click on the applications they are supporting, enter a previous application (any one is fine).

If you are using a desktop/laptop, on the right-hand side there will be a list of options, and at the bottom under the "Start something else" heading, there will be one that says, "support another student's application" and you click on this.

Enter your customer number, and it will bring up the 24/25 application to support.

If this doesn't work they can complete the form, I will link it here:

The form can be uploaded online to their own account, or to your account.

There is also a guidance online for this:

If you end up doing the PFF2, once you upload this, the action online for the sponsor won't go away until it's been processed. So, if you upload it and you still see ' awaiting sponsor details' just ignore it, they will remove it eventually.

Thanks, Leah.

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