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Quest Speedrunning Worlds open

Points and awards for Speedrunning are given based on the speed at which the quest can be completed. These points can be used to purchase a variety of cosmetic and reward items, such as Adventurer's Outfits with different tiers, Speedy Teleport Scrolls, and the Giant Stopwatch item. Quest Speedrunning World is open! Quest Speedrunning World is officially in operation as of this writing to those who wish to tackle the challenge. "Quest Speedrunning Worlds open. Go to the Quest Speedrunning World and smash those bars!" Jagex tweeted. "Show us your fastest times, but above all else, enjoy yourself!"

Jagex revealed today as part of the 300 million account celebrations, they'll launch Fresh Start servers for RuneScape and Old School RuneScape on September 12th for RS3 and in October for OSRS. The name suggests that they'll be completely new servers on which players can begin from scratch in the same way as all other players. The servers that are fresh starts are only available for a certain period of time (4 months) and characters will be moved to normal servers following the duration of the event.

RuneScape Fresh Start Worlds are set to be available for four months which will allow players to revisit RuneScape in a group as they go back to iconic cities, unforgettable quests, zones of improvement and boss fights and all of them with increased gaming boosts and XP. Players can return to the main game at any time, with their newly-levelled character as well as their abundant rewards, which include new clothing and pet skins, as well as alternative capes for skill and rare tradeable rewards. For those who are competitive, they can also take advantage of an eight-week competition focusing on high scores and world-firsts.
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