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Changes to the Structure of Degree

Hello. I am studying part-time for a BA (Hons) degree in Fine Art, and am about to move into the second year of that degree. The modules that I will have to study in the second year have changed substantially from those listed when I signed up for the first year: for instance there are now three modules, instead of two and their content has changed. The Uni I am studying with changed their validation body late last year and students were given the choice of agreeing to move their degree to the new validation body, completing their degree with the old validation body by Jan 2024 (impossible unless you were in the final module of the final year), or leaving.
I am trying to find out if a Uni can make substantial changes to a course structure and content whilst students are part way through it, considering the change in the way the course is being validated. Does anyone have any advice or opinions that could help me?
Unfortunately this is permitted.

Are there any other universities that offer a course that you would like? Your current university should be able to help you apply elsewhere.

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