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4th a level with FM

Does your 4th a level with FM matter? I reallywant to do engineering at a top uni / russel group and am planning to do Maths FM and physics. However I am also really interested in business studies as an fourth and want to do it over picking chemistry as everyone else is doing. As business can be considered a ‘soft’ subject aby some unis, would this put me at a disadvantage compared to others who did chemistry? Or would they only care about my first 3 and disregard the 4th. Thank you
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Do chemistry or just do 3, watch business stuff in your free time.
Doing business wont disadvantage you. Unless you are studying chemical engineering or a very very niche area of engineering chemistry really isn’t particularly relevant, engineering is really applied physics & mathematics, there isn’t much chemistry. If you wanted to do something relevant id say learning computer science would be more beneficial.

You’ll probably find most unis ask for 3 a levels including maths & physics, so a fourth a level would not have any real impact on admissions.
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