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Spent loads on driving lessons, when to quit

I've had driving lessons for about a year now with 1-3 lessons a week and have had about 75 hours in total driving lessons and have failed twice. Of the thousands, I have spent around half, and now I'm saving for university, although I make more than I spend a month. Personally I find driving very stressful and have a hard time with judgement. I used to have a very bad instructor who took ridiculously long to show me new topics (24 hours of lessons before I had even gone on a roundabout) and would not explain how to do these until after I'd done them (trial by fire sort of thing). I have a new instructor who doesn't shout or cuss me out for making mistakes and am doing a third test on Monday. I was wondering if anyone else had a similar experience to me and whether they continued or not, if so why or why not?
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I would say never give up. Everyone can learn, a good instructor is important, as is the right amount of lessons and practice for you. There is an element of luck to the driving test and what crops up. Even if you choose not to drive much after you pass, you still have the satisfaction of having a license. Hopefully you’ll pass on Monday. If not and for financial reasons you need to take a break from driving, try to keep it ticking over. Good luck.

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