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BA Hons sociology and criminology

I have applied for a sociology and criminology BA Hons degree at a college local to me, I have completed a Level 3 WJEC in criminology and need a C grade in this to get on the degree course, this is not a problem as I achieved a C in my last mock and I was pretty confident with the actual externally assessed exam and studied long hours for months, however, when looking for courses I wished to do law or psychology to find there was no courses available for this at any college which isn't too far to get to, I do not want to go to university so didn't bother looking at courses taking place within universities, hence why I am doing this at a college. I looked at three local colleges and this sociology and criminology degree is the only course that interests me however as already stated, I would like to study psychology and law and would aspects of these be studied in the sociology and criminology BA Hons degree? With regards to Level 3 criminology, unit 2 had some aspects of psychology and unit 4 had some aspects of law so is there a chance there will be some aspects of psychology and law in the BA Hons sociology and criminology degree? Also, is criminology similar to what would be taught if doing a degree in law? I have an interview regarding the BA Hons sociology and criminology course in July at the college campus and I'm just worrying as I'm unsure of whether this course is for me and whether or not it will include some aspects of psychology and law like A-Level criminology did! I want to go into probation work after doing this degree or if not probation, to help people rehabilitate after being in prison, serving a community sentence etc or teach criminology or work within mental health services. I am also worrying about whether I have the brain to do this course as I don't know how hard this is going to be, I struggle badly with my mental health and also suffer from seizures I am also worrying because I don't know what to expect to learn during the degree and how hard it may be. I am worrying so much about it and I haven't even got a place yet, has anyone completed a BA Hons degree and did you struggle? I don't even know what topics I will study per subject, I barely know nothing about the BA Hons degree so I am worrying! Advice please!!!!

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