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Maths paper 3 a level AQA

I was doing exam questions on statistics and i keep getting the exam is less than 6 days now and I'm genuinely struggling and don't know how to improve by then.
please i need urgent advice and I'm mainly struggling on probability (mutually exclusive, independent events, Venn diagrams and tree diagrams)
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Just do all of the past papers on stats and go over the mark scheme after. Theres only so many questions they can make on the topics in the spec so you’ll eventually be able to recognise some of the questions are similar to ones you’ve done before just with different numbers and words.
Does anyone know how strict AQA are on decimal points and workings out. I'm self teaching so I have no teacher to ask, but if I write an answer to too many decimal points will I get penalized. And for the normal and binomial distribution questions that can be done on the calculator, like if your just finding the probability of something, do I need to show my workings if its only 2 marks or so?

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