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illness and resits

I've got pretty ill during my a levels; I've managed to sit all my exams thus far, but I've been in a proper state, have been to the doctors and am prescribed steroids and so forth to try and deal with it.

Obviously there's special consideration, but that likely won't nearly cover the disruption that I've faced as a result of this and I'm really scared that I might miss my Uni offer. I'm going to be taking a gap year anyway - would competitive universities care that I was resitting A levels given that as a circumstance (And is there much distinction between say LSE/Durham etc vs Newcastle and so on)
Ask you school to email a letter to your Firm and Insurance Unis, outlining briefly what has happened and how it has impacted your exams. Do this asap and before the end of term, do not wait for Results Day.

Yes, if it all goes totally pear-shaped in August, you can resit and reapply - and with an explanation in your UCAS reference about this year. all Unis you apply to will be sympathetic, and it wouldn't disadvantage any reapplication.

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