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Maintenance loan help....

Hi all, new here and lovely to meet you :smile:

I am due to start a part time open uni course in Sept 24, due to my disability, distance learning is a great option for me. All though a part time course, I doing 120 credits per year (as chosen by me) as have the time to do so. This is equivalent to full time.

I am applying for the maintenance loan, due to have a house to run and child. They said if I can prove my disability/circumstances (which I can) I would be entitled to the full amount maintenance loan. Even though it's distance learning.

Can anyone give me any advise on this, has anyone successfully got this? And how does it work is this paid every term which is 3 monthly and what rate for full amount. Thanks!
Hi there,

Yes if you can provide evidence of your disability then you may be eligible for the maximum maintenance loan. if approved you would be paid 33% of the amount in term 1 and then term 2. You would then be paid 34% in term 3.

Thanks, Drew

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