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MSc Computer Science: University of Birmingham vs. Queen Mary

Hey everyone,

Just got accepted into both the University of Birmingham (UoB) and Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) for my MSc Computer Science degree, and I'm having a real dilemma.

Leaning towards UoB because the course content there seems amazing. The modules look super interesting and technical, which is exactly what I'm after. Plus, I've heard great things about their facilities and support for computer science students.

But then there's QMUL. London is obviously a massive draw, and I keep hearing how being in the heart of the city boosts employability after graduation. The rankings seem to back this up too, with QMUL apparently having a higher graduate employment rate.

Here's the thing, I'm not super fussed about the city life itself. I'm more passionate about the actual course content, and UoB just seems like a better fit academically. However, the potential career advantage of QMUL is nagging at me.

Anyone been in a similar situation? Any advice on how to weigh up a strong course vs. a potentially better job market?

Thanks in advance!

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